faq: do I need to meditate?

Short answer: yes, but do it your own way!

Long answer: meditation is stillness of the mind.

When do we need still points?

When we need to change (direction; mood) or when we need to create something new, original, innovative.

How do we find our still points?

The easiest, natural way is to come a full completion of the current “doings”, both physically and mentally. When your tasks and ongoing thought processes are complete, finished, then you can recognize that sense of “done” and, rather than running into a next thing, give yourself space-time to pause.

What happens in the pause, in the still point?

We gather potential energy. There is silence in the mind, an immersion in the present everything, a fullness that is equally emptiness.

Sometimes we come into what we expect to be a place of stillness, only to realize that there is something still bubbling within, a background process that we did not recognize was running all along. These could be conveniently “forgotten” problems or tasks; sometimes they are emotions that needed expression or connections waiting to be made.