faq: should I practice on my cycle?

Updated: Jan 17

The short answer is…

yes! Always do what you feel will elevate your mind-body health.

But that is my rebel’s response :)

I was taught traditionally, and told by both male and female teachers:

A woman has lower energy while on her cycle and should rest instead of practice.

My personal experience, and personality, is that I have never liked being told what I am and am not capable of doing, or when.

I always want to practice, because yoga always makes me feel better, no matter what day of the month. When I was a younger student, it seemed unfair that men could make decisions about women’s bodies, and that women followed (and taught!) those rules.

Through my own lifetime of practice, I have learned how to make the subtle shifts to regularly intense/athletic practices that honor and empower me and my female clients.

I encourage you to be playful with your own practice!