faq: is yoga addictive?

Short answer: you bet it is.

Long answer: The yoga high is real. And it may be responsible for the fact that human beings have been teaching, practicing, and evolving this meditative movement art form for most of human history. The ancient Indians developed the mind-body practices to take kings and ascetics to living enlightenment. Today, we’ll settle for a feel-good, look-good fitness.

Unlike other highs, the yoga high is not an escape or dulling of real life. When we step onto the mat and into our breath, we dive into everything we take for granted and realize that realty is more fantastic than any drug-induced hallucinations. You’ll know you are truly present when colors are brighter, sounds take you on a journey, your thoughts are quiet, and you feel embodied senses of peace, love, and gratitude for your daily living.

Sounds trippy? It is.

The easy access, on demand yoga that we find throughout the internet is just the shallowest water of a very deep body of knowledge— like being in a warm jacuzzi, on a yatcht, we can lose ourselves in the comfort and convenience of being told what to do, or we can look around at the ocean, then start swimming.

Practicing traditional lineages like Rocket/Ashtanga connects us to that vast body of water. By paying attention to ourselves and our teachers, we learn the skills we need to create that yoga high for ourselves. Life will change, for the better, for the more beautiful.

So go